Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Week 8 in review...

Although it has been only a short week, we have packed a lot in..

Maths - In maths we have been looking at angles. On Monday, we went around the school looking for examples of different angles. We took pictures of the ones we found and showed the class! We were able to find many examples of acute, obtuse, right, straight and reflex angles.

Buddies - we made some super cute and cuddly Easter Bunnies from paper plates with our gorgeous kindy buddies.
We had done a practice of the activity during project hour the week before, so were experts when it came to doing the activity with our buddy. We were super surprised at how good the kindy kids were at cutting, glueing and colouring in.
We can't wait to see our buddies again!!

New students...
We have had two new students start with over the last week! A big welcome to Matthew and Leith.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

What happened in Week 7...

Second Assembly for the year
Mr Axton's class put on an Olympic sized display at the assembly.
It was enjoyed by all. A special viewing of the "National Day Against Bullying and Violence" video was shown and highlighted an important message about putting a stop to bullying at YBPS.

Our Honour Certificate recipients were:
Great work guys!!

The Golden Boot is awarded by Mr Jefcoate to the class that shows the best sportsmanship and levels of participation during PE!!!!

Year 6 Excursion 
On Thursday 17th March, all the year 6s, Mr Jefcoate, Miss Zogbhi, Mr Axton and Miss R headed out to Perth Convention Centre for the National Young Leader's Day!
Everyone was super on time and at school by 7.15am.
The bus ride there took over an hour and a half but when we arrived we were all extremely pumped for a day of learning about how to "Master the Little".

Four amazing speakers spoke to us about how they have become leaders in their worlds.

We heard from:

Nathan 'Dubsy' Want
Dylan Parker
Taku Scrutton
Drisana Levitzke-Gray
And a panel of influential people working in all different fields.

For more info you can go here:

Buddy Activity
We had a practice go at our Easter Craft activity that we will be doing with our Kindy Buddies next week. They turned out really well and everyone put their own individual touch on them.

First session of Clubs
We all had our first session of Clubs. Some words Rm 14 used to describe their afternoon were:
Robotic, awesome, yummy, fun and challenging.

Drisana Levitzke-Gray

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Week 4...

Big things from this week...
- Starting cooperative reading
- Earning our first Class Reward (20 mins extra recess)
- Having a go at Optical Illusions

Week 3

Leaders announced, first assembly, origami plus so much more

We had our first assembly which saw Dakota, Seth and Jhett receiving our class' first Merit Awards!

Our year 6 leaders were also announced..
Patrick and Vaughn - Crystal captains
Mia F and Braedyn - Lindsay captains
Declan, Lili and Mia A - Prefects

Project Hour was a hit and saw some awesome origami creations being made!

Sunday, 14 February 2016

WEEK 2 - A big week for our Year 6s!!!

It was Election Week this week. Our amazing Year 6s spent countless hours writing and practicing their speeches for their various leadership roles they had nominated themselves for.
We had two practice sessions in class and all those who listened to the speeches gave feedback and commented upon how incredible the speeches had been. The results will be announced at this week's assembly.

'ALL ABOUT ME' Bags!!!
Besides the big speeches, the other notable event was the students sharing their "All About Me" bags with their classmates. Each person was given two minutes to share the contents of their bag with their team and then had one minute to answer any questions from those who had listened.

This meant lunch time was spent inside in the nice cool air con. We played puzzled, chatted with our friends and did some free drawing. It was so nice to have some cool weather at the end of the week and to be able to get outside and play. 


Sunday, 7 February 2016

Week One of Term One of 2016.....

What an amazing week the first week back has been!!!

A new teacher with a new incredible class of legends.

The week was a busy one full of a new classroom, new timetable and new seating plans everyday.

We had a visit from the Electoral Committee. We learnt all about the voting process and how we will carry out the voting for the upcoming Year 6 Prefect elections.

Cooper had his birthday at school and he shared with us his special Manchester United football.

The week ended with our first Project Hour and Senior Sport.
Our project hour involves the teams completing a jigsaw puzzle challenge. There was a little catch to the puzzles which was figured out quite early on in the construction process.

Our first Senior Sport session was basketball. The four sports we will rotate through over the next four weeks are: basketball, football (soccer), teeball and dodgeball.

We are extremely excited for what next week will hold!
Practicing casting our votes in the ballot box